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AZ Senators Flake & McCain cast their votes for barbaric killing of wildlife in Alaska.

On Tuesday (march 21, 2017), the Senate passed SJR18, again utilizing the CRA to dismantle legislative progress made by the Obama Administration. Shockingly, SJR18 will mean hell on earth for Alaska’s wildlife living on National Wildlife Refuges, as hunters are now permitted to mercilessly kill bears & their cubs while hibernating, cowardly gun down animals from aircraft and lazily bait medieval steel traps with donuts, leading to gruesome deaths.

While our own Flake (the co-sponsor) and McCain deserve our united disgust, so do the remaining Republican Senators. Of the 52 votes in favor, exactly 100% were cast by the GOP. Similarly, 100% of 47 votes against the killing came from the Democrats. Listening to the live CSPAN broadcast of the Senate role call, and hearing each vote, sent shivers up my spine, and further sealed the fate of countless animals to a torturous death. Watching our elected grown men & women choose to side in favor of cruelty, immorality and brutality seemingly for the benefit of special interests and a few millionaires who will hunt from helicopters and airplanes for “sport” is now the new low in Washington.

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